Feature film “TAGINE EXPRESS”

TAGINE EXPRESS – a feature-length film
Romantic comedy, feature screenplay

Rachid, a young Moroccan car mechanic works during the day in his small family-run garage and dreams at night of making it big by building the world-largest website for online car dealing.

Naïve and inexperienced, he quickly runs into obstacles when his first customers turn out to be members of the Albanian mafia who use his outlet as a way of laundering their dirty money.

Broke and owing money to the Albanians, Rachid attempts to lure a young American businesswoman whom he met accidentally to invest in his dodgy business. She wisely decides not to but while visiting Rachid’s garage, she discovers his mom’s delicious cooking which gives her the idea of opening a Moroccan restaurant.

The restaurant is an immediate success and Rachid joins the businesswoman to New York to serve as a poster boy for what is to become a the first worldwide Moroccan fast food chain.

Ever so lonely among the tall skyscrapers, Rachid realises that his happiness lies back home, with Leila, his neighbour and high school sweetheart so he packs his bags and goes home.